Born from humble beginnings in the Burdekin Region of North Queensland SUV Campers and Sahara Trailers has grown to be one of Australia’s most innovative and progressive producers of top quality, tough as, off road camper trailers. The current range of SUV camper trailers has had over 10 years local expertise and development put into them that has enabled them to evolve into what they are today, market leading, innovative and top quality.

All up we have invested over 30 years of Australian manufacturing experience into the SUV Camper range!

SUV Campers have been designed by qualified and experienced trades people who are experts in the field, who design specifically for Australian off road conditions.

A superior camper in innovation and performance that competitors struggle to copy and keep up with. SUV Campers are the Off Road Specialist!

The original designer of Forward Fold Campers was Glen John Hudson, who patented this innovative shape in 1993. The credit for the Forward Fold Campers goes to him! A lot of respect should go to Glen for all the forward folds you see today. Many falsely claim to be the original designers of the forward fold but Glen Hudson can still show you the original patent he filed today, there can be no doubt that Glen was the original designer.


We thank Glen for the initial concept and you can now see how SUV Campers expert and experienced designers have evolved our campers to the revolutionary products that are now available !
SUV’s innovations such as fully integrated reverse cycle air conditioning, 2 Stainless water tanks with the rear tank acting as a counterbalance to reduce the ball weight, Bolt on hubs on the fully galvanised suspension arms for ease of repair in the bush, precise tent design that allows for ease of use and the fastest set up time from closed to fully open(under 1 minute your in it), aluminium components for lightness and durability, practical design of the kitchen and fridge areas to provide plenty of bench space and features like 4 burner stove and large fridge capacity that are all made from industrial grade stainless steel,these as well as the SUV Care program that provides unsurpassed after-sales service and support all combine to provide you with a well designed and built practical camper that will provide you many years of reliable, hassle free and happy camping adventures.

Our innovations have often been imitated such as our innovation patented rear water tank ballast system (innovation patent No. 2018100177) which is our own patented design, this as well as many of our other innovations have been copied but never bettered. We are market leading and consider that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

All these features as well as SUV’s commitment to excellent back up and customer support help to provide no doubt that the SUV Forward Fold Camper is one of the most advanced and superior forward folds on the market, fully backed up with the SUV Care package.

SUV is now very proud to be able to supply their products to ever expanding areas from Brisbane to Darwin and beyond through our network of dealers and agents (NSW agencies coming soon). We can now supply you, our customer with support and backup throughout QLD, the NT and beyond, this allows you confidence in knowing that in the event of something unplanned occurring, help is just a phone call away. We don’t just sell you a camper, we sell you a great camping experience SUV “Where tomorrow starts today”

Sahara Trailers now has an expanding network of service Agents in Regional areas to assist us in providing you our customers with the best possible local service and backup for all our products.



25 Ross River Rd, Mysterton
Townsville QLD 4812
Phone: (07) 4779 1162

Monday to Thursday 8am to 4.30pm
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51 Hargreaves St,
Edmonton QLD 4869
Phone: 1300 494 226

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5pm
Saturday 9.00am to 12PM (Saturday morning sales only)
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121 Pruen Road,
Berrimah NT 0828
Phone: 0438 120 571
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Please Call Paul to make an appointment only.